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South Africa

Surface: The total land area of South Africa is around 1,219,912 sq km.

Population:  The population of South Africa is around 44,187,637.

System of government: South Africa is a republic.

Capital: Pretoria, with a population of 1,249,700 inhabitants is the administrative capital.
Cape Town, with a population of 2,733,000 is the legislative capital.
Bloemfontein, with a population of 378,000 is the judicial capital.

Religion: Christianity.

Official Language: The official languages are English, Zulu, Khosa, Afrikaans, Sepedi, Setswana and Sesotho

Government: South Africa is a republic.

Climate: South Africa’s climate varies across regions, with temperatures bring comfortable throughout the year.

Units of measure and electricity: South Africa follows the metric system of measurement and the official electricity unit is 220V, 50 Hz.

Time Zone: The South African standard time is GMT + 2.

Currency: Rand (1 € = 9.51 ZAR).

Travel documents required: Visas are necessary for travel to South Africa.
South Africa is one of Africa’s leading economies. The main industries are the finance sector, mining, insurance and food processing. Leading exports include gold, diamonds, platinum, other metals and minerals, machinery and equipment.
The average daily cost of living for a tourist is about 500 ZAR to 800 ZAR; an average meal costs anywhere between 50 ZAR to 80 ZAR. South Africa has an extensive network of train and bus services connecting to every part of the country.
Cities: Vacations and Tourism
Benoni Bloemfontein Cape Town
Durban Johannesburg Knysna
Malelane Pietermaritzburg Port elizabeth
Pretoria Robben Island Sandton
Soweto Stellenbosch Sun City
Vereeniging -


 Gujarat is a state in the western region of India.
Towards the north-west of Gujarat is Pakistan.Towards the north and north-east is Rajasthan. Towards the east is Madhya Pradesh. Towards the south are Maharashtra, Diu, Daman, Dadra and Nagar Haveli.
The winter season in this state is dry, mild and pleasant and the temperature varies from 12 °C to 29 °C. The summer season is extremely dry and hot and the temperature varies from 29 °C to 41 °C.
From mid-June, the monsoon season begins. Sometimes the rainfall is so heavy that there are severe floods.
As per the 2001 census, the population of this state was 5,06,71,017.
In Gujarat, 89.1 percent people are Hindu, 9.1 percent are Muslim, 1 percent is Jain and 0.1 percent is Sikhs.
A majority of Gujarati Hindus are strictly vegetarian.
Gujarati is the most widely spoken language in this state. Some of the people speak Hindi, Marathi and other languages. In the Kutch district, the prevalent language is Kutchi.

All the cities in Gujarat
Ahmedabad Bhavnagar Bhuj
Champaner Gandhinagar Junagadh
Rajkot Surat Vadodara



The city that is built on waters! Venice is a wonderful place with lots of variety indulged in it. Having close to 150 canals connected through 409 bridges with close to 300 islands, Venice can be termed as one of the heavens on earth! If visiting Venice is part of your Italian adventure trip or you are only thinking about planning a visit to this city, you should consider the fact that Venice can be a source of romantic delight for you and your travel partners. The famous city with the water streets will give you a perfect taste of enchantment and allure.


Thailand: There are a lot of statues of Buddha that you can see in Bangkok, and one of the temples tourist flock to is the Reclining Buddha Temple. You must also visit the Erawan Shrine as well as the Snake Farm of Bangkok that is located near the shrine. For a more modern tour, visit the Safari World and Bangkok's Pattaya and Coral Island.