Sunday, October 31, 2010


Nalanda has a very ancient history and the Nalanda University was established by Gupta emperors in the 5th century. Nalanda was famous as a centre of Buddist theology and educational activities. Attractions are the Nalanda University Archaeological complex, Archeological museum, Hueng Tsang Memorial Hall, Surajpur, Baragoan, Rajgir and Pawapuri. Distance: Rajgir 12km, Patna 95km(airport)


Kurukshetra on the Grand Trunk Road, has many attractions. The Sri Krishna Museum is an excellent art gallery, where works by hundreds of artists are displayed. Lord Krishna is portrayed in wood, stone, bronze, etc. The kurukshetra Panorama and science centre, the Brahmasarovar tank, Sufi saint Shaikh Chehil's tomb, the small Archaeological museum Mugal gardens, Banyan tree at Jyotiar, 6km away, are visited by many. Distance: Pipli 6, Chandigarh 92.


Rajasthan's only hill station, Mount Abu at 1220 metre on the Aravalli hills is a place of scenic beauty and charm. Nakki lake, Toad rock, Wildlife sanctuary, Dilwara group of jain temples, Gaumukh, Raghunath temple, Adhar Devi temple, and Achalagarh fort and temples(10km), the Guru shikhar peak(15km) are the important attraction. Brahma kumaris Spiritual University is alsn here. Distance: Ranakpur 189, Udaipur 190, Ahmedabad 215

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Bharatpur is famous for the Keoladeo National Park, a unique bird sanctuary with more than 364 species within its, which has also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other attractions are the Lohagarh or iron fort, the palace, Purana Mahal, Deeg fort, the Government museum, Jawahar Bhuj, Fatheh Burj, Gopal Bhavan, Bengal chamber, Suraj Bhavan, Nand Bhavan, etc. Deeg, 36km north of Bharatpur, has the Suraj mahal palace, which is one of India's most beautiful and delicately proportioned buildings. Distance: Agra 56, Delhi 205, Jaipur 176